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The Psychology of Sports Parenting & Unlocking Your Athlete’s Potential

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Do you want to know how to best support your elite athlete and help them thrive in the competitive world of sport?

This one of a kind masterclass will provide sports parents with invaluable insights and knowledge to effectively nurture the growth and development of their athletes, and give them the hands on tools necessary to revolutionize their approach to sports parenting.

Hosted by NHL Mental Performance Coach, Brenley Shapiro, this Masterclass will take you on a journey of understanding the psychology behind being a sports parent and teach you how to create an atmosphere of excellence for your athletes to thrive- not only within the world of sport but life as well.

Gain an inside look into the biggest drivers of success in this exciting and engaging masterclass, as Coach Shapiro shares her sport psychology knowledge and experiences working with the world’s most elite athletes and running personality profiling for over 500 top NHL draft prospects for the NHL draft as well as Olympic hopefuls. 

What You'll Learn:

We are capable of so much more than we think - It's our mind that stops us first...

Beyond The Game offers an exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business! 

Help your athlete foster a sense of growth, grit and resilience, while unlocking their full potential…

And remember- one day the sports journey will come to an end…

But the lessons learned and the relationships you build with your athlete through it, will last a lifetime… 


So join our sport psychology and mental game masterclass for sports parents today 

& start building a stronger bond with your athlete to help them maximize their performance potential!


Brenley has changed our son's life. Jason started to see Brenley in early 2018 as part of his hockey development. We soon realized that this was going to be a life changing adventure. After each meeting, Jason would not stop talking about the session for hours. Jason's self confidence in all aspects of his life skyrocketed. He stopped blaming himself for the coaches' decisions. He stopped worrying about things that were out of his control and started focusing on what he had the power to change. Brenley helped put in place the building blocks Jason needed to believe in himself and go after his dreams. The 2018/19 hockey season, Jason struggled to shine and finished the year with 2 points in 42 games. 2019/20 hockey season is a totally different story. As of the middle of November, he has 21 points in 20 games all while playing a higher level of hockey. Jason's self confidence has shown in all aspects of his life both on and off the ice. Now, when he meets new people he steps up and presents himself in a welcoming and approachable way. A future in hockey at the highest level possible is the goal. Who knows, maybe even some overseas travel to compliment it.
John Humphries
We realized when our kids were young that they would need another voice, another person to talk to that they could trust other than their parents. Both our kids played high level hockey in the GTHL. We noticed that they were under an extreme amount of pressure. Between school, hockey friends and home life, it was a lot to handle and process. We saw Brenley’s facility at Scotiapond and figured we would give her a call. After one conversation we knew it was the right place for our family. Over the years Brenley helped our kids with a number of different challenges. She doesn’t tell them what to do, she listens and asks them the right questions so they can figure out the right answers for themselves. She has provided them with the tools to think and problem solve on their own. She taught them how to set goals for themselves and shared in their joy as they achieved them. We believe it has made them happier throughout their journey and helped them deal with the adversity, challenges and successes in life.
Julia and Giuliano Fantilli
Sports Parents OF ADAM FANTILLI (3rd overall 2023 nhl draft pick) & Luca Fantilli (michigan ncaa div 1)
Working with Brenley the last two years has taken our son's game to the next level. He steps on the ice now with a new sense of confidence and mental toughness. He has learnt so much from Brenley, about life in general , both on and off the ice and now has the right mental approach to succeed in all he sets out to do. We have made a FRIEND FOREVER in Brenley!!!
Pam Greenspoon
I have had the pleasure of knowing Brenley for 4 years. My son Tyler Weiss played for Don Mill Flyers and she was a very important part of their team. Brenley helped them with team building, mental prep, dealing with stress and anxiety during games. All of this helped my son, Tyler Weiss, use those skills in everyday life and prepare him to play hockey in the US-NTDP. Brenley always has a smile on her face and is ready to help at all times. I strongly recommend her to help your high level athlete deal with so many issues that go along with sports and life. We were very fortunate to have her be part of our team! Thanks Brenley for all you have done!!
Kelly Weiss
I am writing to express my appreciation for the competency and professionalism Brenley brought to our team of elite athletes. Brenley's schedule flexibility enabled us to co-ordinate a 2-day weekend 'team' session in our home city, plus a follow-up session while we were out of town for a tournament. The tools Brenley works hard to instill into her student - our athletes - has not just helped them deliver the best of their abilities in sport, but has shaped their confidence and approach to many of the challenges and dreams they will face outside of sport. Thank you Brenley for a job very well done.
Frank O'Donnell
Brenley, I just wanted to thank you once again for your assistance. It's invaluable - From the team building, overcoming mistakes, confidence, team commandments, visualization, etc..., you have given us the mental tools we need to go the extra distance. As a coach, some of these things we were doing, but in bits and pieces, with no structure. Your ability to package it all up and clarify the mind game for us was exactly what we needed. Thanks so much!!!
Rick Dagenais
My son and I watched the Parent Masterclass together and we loved it! We’ve had a lot of conversations since that have been very helpful. Our communication has really improved. Thank you so much!
hockey parent of first round ohl draft pick
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