Brenley Shapiro lives by her philosophy of embracing challenges and pushing boundaries to achieve one’s highest potential. As a Toronto-based Sport Performance Consultant, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, and Certified Sports Vision Trainer, Shapiro has become the first female Mental Performance Coach for the Arizona Coyotes in the NHL, as well as the OHL for the Peterborough Petes. She has also offered Mental Performance consultation for both the Mens and Women’s Chinese National hockey teams for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Brenley continues to break barriers within the world of sport becoming the very first Mental Performance Coach in the new Professional Women’s Hockey League with PWHL Ottawa.

Her passion for motivating clients and audiences to reach their fullest potential has received praise from corporations, sports organizations, and schools across the International landscape. Brenley’s rare and unique skill set blended together covers all aspects of the ‘mental game,’ and fundamentally guides athletes and clients to master their mind for ultimate performance enhancement.

Brenley has been in practice for over 20 years. She has become world renowned for her work with athletes, teams, individuals, and organizations ranging from amateur, NCAA, Olympic, and professional. She is the founder of Heads Up High Performance, and sits on the expert panel for Sport Psychology for the Coaches Association of Ontario. Further to that, Brenley is a Published Author, an Ambassador with Lululemon, and a powerful Keynote Speaker.

With an exceptional ability to teach, motivate, inspire, and connect with all those she works with, Brenley has dedicated her life’s work to helping people push the boundaries of achievement and facilitate a pathway towards success. Her transformative program and style, along with her vast degree of knowledge and training spanning every aspect of the mental game, is what separates her from the rest. Provoking excitement, engagement, and the transformation of the power of the mind, Brenley is able to foster a true culture of excellence within those she works with.


When I was in 1st grade, my teacher gave my class the very popular “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question. Well anyone who had seen my bedroom (which was covered  top to bottom with hockey pictures and posters) probably wouldn’t have been surprised by my answer.

I remember raising my hand in front of the class, standing up proudly and saying “When I grow up I want to be in the NHL.”

My pride and excitement quickly faded as everyone laughed at me. They told me that I could never be in the NHL because I was a girl.  

I’ll never forget that defining moment. I remember thinking I will never allow anyone to tell me who or what I could be or become. And guess what… they’re not laughing anymore! I got to the NHL and I am right where I want to be. I just found a different way to get there. And that’s something I love helping my clients with every day—working through the struggles and challenges that may seem “impossible” and helping them build the mindset and mental toughness to pursue their dreams and live their greatest lives.

On a different note, I would describe myself as a lifelong learner—both personally and professionally. I love sportsobviously.  My claim to fame was playing with the U-16 Manitoba Provincial Soccer Team at the Canadian Nationals (way back when lol). I love to dance, and I actually completed a Specialized Honours Fine Arts Degree in Dance, between my Undergraduate Psychology Degree and Grad School. On the rare occasion now that I have some time off, I love nothing more than to sit on my dock at the cottage and spend time with family and friends.

I have 2 boys and my family basically eats, breathes, and sleeps around sports. My older son is completing his degree in Sports Media at Ryerson University and my younger son currently plays Jr. A hockey, while he pursues his goal of playing in the NCAA. My husband is a Surgeon, but not to worry, he is an avid crossfitter and just as much a sports junkie as the rest of us.

Well that’s pretty much everything you need to know about me. I can’t wait to connect and learn more about you, and share in your journey toward greatness. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!


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