Brenley Live On CBC Radio

The pressures young athletes face and how parents can support their well-being throughout the process.

The Importance of Kids Learning to Lose

Tune into CTV Your Morning where Brenley discusses why children who lose are actually learning valuable lessons that will help them become resilient adults.

Athletes and Mental Health: 4 Ways to Protect Yourself from The Pressure

Elite athletes need help taking care of their psychological well-being, just like anyone else. Here are some strategies from the pros.

Brenley Live On Roadrunners Happy Hour Podcast

Brenley talks about how to understand each individual as a player when it comes to balancing adulthood for young players and her path to what brought her to the AHL and NHL into sport performance as she discusses what drives success in a mental aspect.

Brenley Shapiro LIVE on CTV News

The Psychology Behind the Podium, Rio 2016 Olympics

Brenley Shapiro LIVE on CTV News

How Athletes Mentally Prepare for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Brenley Shapiro LIVE on CTV News

Discussing athletes pre-competition rituals and mental preparation at the Rio Olympics

Brenley Shapiro LIVE on CTV News

Discussing Unsportsmanlike Behaviours at RIO 2106 Olympics

Winnipeg Launch of Book "Fearless"

Brenley Shapiro on Global News

Brenley Shapiro Launches New Book At Chapters

“Fearless: Inspiring Greatness From Within"

Brenley LIVE on CBC Radio

Discussing importance the role the mental game played in Bianca's Andreescu's US Open Championship win over Serena Williams.

Breakfast Television with Brenley Shapiro

Sports vision training with Brenley Shapiro from Heads Up Mind Gym on Breakfast Television.

Brenley Shapiro joins NHL Arizona Coyotes as Mental Performance Consultant

An inside look: Coyotes draft process relies on collaborative approach with Brenley Shapiro

Brenley Shapiro Joins Peteborough Petes in the OHL as Mental Performance Coach

Petes look to boost performance with Mental Skills Coach Brenley Shapiro

Global News Meets Petes Mental Performance Coach Brenley Shapiro

CJN: Brenley Shapiro, Improving Athletes Mental Game

Brenley LIVE on Global News Morning Winnipeg

Discussing the role fear plays in blocking athletes' success and how you can adapt your mindset to overcome this barrier.

Brenley Interviewed on

Discussing mindset around the MLS Cup between the Reds and Red Bulls in 2017

Brenley Shaprio on NHL Network: Hockey Prospect PART 1

Brenley Shapiro on NHL Network: Hockey Prospect PART 2

Brenley Shapiro at the #RCCSSC Tee It Up 2019
East Conference

CJOB Radio Interview with Brenley Shapiro


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