This newly formed team came from the select level and moved up to their first year at the AAA level, for their Minor Atom year.

The coach’s goal was to recruit and build a strong group of players, and provide the best development program in the league. In doing so, they believed they would give their team the best shot at success, with the goal of a championship in mind. They had high level coaching and on ice development in place, as well as a strength and conditioning program.

The head coach wanted more.

from Harvard (Hockey), Yale (Track), and the University of San Fransisco (Tennis)

This case study represents individual coaching done with 3 different athletes, each preparing for their rookie year in the NCAA, from 3 different sports as follows:

  1. Harvard – Hockey
  2. Yale – Track & Field
  3. University of San Francisco – Tennis

Each of the athletes above were struggling with the following common themes:

  • Managing high levels of stress associated with the pressures and expectations of being such a high level athlete, at an elite and prestigious academic institution.  
  • Time management – being a student athlete at such a high level, comes with extensive training hours, travel, and hectic schedules, along with the need to manage a rigorous academic course load…

Professional Beach Volleyball Player
2018 World Ranking – #9, Canadian National Team, Commonwealth Games 2018 (Silver medal), Olympic Games Rio, 2016, PanAm Games, 2015

GOAL: Medalling at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

1) A competitive advantage in preparation for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo

2) Mental preparation

3) Development of intense levels of focus, resilience, adaptability and ability to manage high levels of stress and pressure


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