The Empowering Potential Online Program Series
Facilitated by NHL Mental Performance Coach Brenley Shapiro

Beyond Skill: Athlete Masterclass

Are you frustrated when falling short of expectations and feeling that there’s something more you could be achieving? 

Are you tired of wondering why your training doesn’t translate and your physical skillset isn’t getting you where you want to be?

It’s time to shatter those limitations and step into a world where you understand exactly how athletic excellence is born!

Thriving Under Pressure Clinic

Is your drive to succeed turning your passion into pressure?

Do you worry about making mistakes, getting results, and needing to perform well?

If you are an athlete that is tired of feeling the weight of the sports world pressing down on you, and are finally ready to break free from the cycle of pressure and expectations…I GOT YOU!

This clinic is your playbook for teaching you how to jump these hurdles and make them work FOR YOU, instead of AGAINST YOU…

Inside this game changing 4-week sport psychology clinic you will discover strategies and techniques that will empower you to overcome fear, failure, pressure and frustration, so that you can unlock your full potential!

Mental Mastery Bootcamp

This meticulously designed program is geared for small groups of 6-8 members. Each group member is hand picked and placed with intention, in order to build a strong and cohesive group. 

Over a 10 week period you will be guided by Brenley through customized weekly online coaching calls, along with weekly video content and workbooks. The program is designed to help you transform your confidence and break through the barriers inhibiting peak performance. You will not only build an elite mindset and unbreakable confidence, but you will quickly learn how the group takes on a life of its own under Brenley’s facilitation.