"Done For You" Team Mental Performance Program for Coaches

Are you a coach who is ready to get the very best out of your athletes and team, despite the current circumstances? 

The Empowering Potential Team Mental Performance Program, is designed to help you take the guesswork out of teaching your athletes to master their mental game and build a high performing culture. This 5-session team program has been carefully crafted to help you (the coach) gain a competitive edge, by teaching you how to unleash the full potential of each of your athletes. Learn to foster the mental GRIT necessary for success within your team, both on and off the ice or playing field.

Brenley will walk you through step-by-step how to deliver this training to your team, using her signature process that has been developed from years of experience and success working with Amatuer, Professional, NCAA and Olympic athletes and teams. 


The Complete Blueprint For Building & Running a Mental Performance Coaching Practice

This training and certification course teaches, educates, and supports coaches and professionals looking to build a career in the field of mental performance. You will get access to Brenley Shapiro’s signature process, to build and run a mental performance coaching practice, through online course modules, as well as live online coaching directly with Brenley.

Get ready to ignite your confidence & achieve MASSIVE success in the field with this course!

A Mastermind Course for Parents and Coaches of Elite Athletes

Would you like to help your children and athletes build unbreakable confidence, motivation and mental toughness? Would you like to know how to create an atmosphere of growth and opportunity, and empower them with the tools to reach their full potential?

If yes, then this is for you. This online course is designed to empower parents and coaches with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to help their athletes master the mental game and unleash their full potential. 

10-Week Online Course For Athletes To Master Their Mental Game

Do you want to build unbreakable confidence, motivation and mental toughness to gain an edge over the competition? Are you ready to finally break through the barriers that hold you back and take your game to the next level? Inside this online program, you will get 10 insight-packed modules to give you the mental grit, confidence and drive to perform at your peak level of potential.

You’ll also have the rare opportunity to work with Brenley in weekly group coaching calls. 


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