The Empowering Potential Online Program Series
Facilitated by NHL Mental Performance Coach Brenley Shapiro

"Done For You" Team Mental Performance Program for Coaches

The Empowering Potential Team Mental Performance Program, is designed to help you take the guesswork out of teaching your athletes to master their mental game and build a high performing culture. This 5-session team program has been carefully crafted to help you (the coach) gain a competitive edge, by teaching you how to unleash the full potential of each of your athletes. Learn to foster the mental GRIT necessary for success within your team, both on and off the ice or playing field.

Brenley will walk you through step-by-step how to deliver this training to your team, using her signature process that has been developed from years of experience and success working with Amatuer, Professional, NCAA and Olympic athletes and teams. 

Mastering The Mental Game for Coaches

COACHES, TRAINERS & SPORTS LEADERS - Learn my EXACT process for introducing & teaching athletes the fundamentals of Mindset & the Mental Game 

Are you a coach who is ready to take the guesswork out of teaching your athletes to MASTER their MENTAL GAME? This completely done for you fully packaged team training workshop has been carefully crafted to help you (the coach/trainer) gain a competitive edge, by teaching you how to nurture resilience, grit and a mindset for success within your athletes and team.

The course will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to introduce and deliver the training to your team, using Brenley’s signature process, (complete with a plug and play template) developed from years of her experience and success working with Amateur, Professional, NCAA and Olympic athletes and teams


Coach Mentorship Community


This exclusive private membership community is proud to support ambitious coaches, trainers, sport psychology students and professionals, with achieving their goals in the world of sport and mental performance. 

Grow your skill set and crush your goals, under the guidance of world renowned Mental Performance Expert, Brenley Shapiro. You will receive sport psychology mentorship, coaching and education along with a wealth of resources to help you gain clarity and facilitate the relentless pursuit of empowering potential. 

Together we will create a culture of performance excellence, as we change the landscape of sports training & development toward one that drives peak performance. Learn to generate a growth cultivating experience for yourself & the athletes and teams you lead.  

Inside the Membership Community you will gain exclusive access to a powerful network of like minded members, as well as direct access to Brenley and her team through live, interactive bi-monthly group coaching calls. They will also be sharing specialized content with you – EVERYTHING about mindset, mental toughness and the mental game. Top that off with exclusive webinars, Q & A’s, mental skills and drills, tips, resources and best practices and insights on how to excel as a coach and professional in the industry.

You need not go at it alone! We are stronger together & we are always just one question away! 

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Where ambitious sports personnel come together to network, build & grow within the mental game