Professional Beach Volleyball Player 2018 World Ranking – #9, Canadian National Team, Commonwealth Games 2018 (Silver medal), Olympic Games Rio, 2016, PanAm Games, 2015


GOAL: Medalling at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

1) A competitive advantage in preparation for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo

2) Mental preparation

3) Development of intense levels of focus, resilience, adaptability, and ability to manage high levels of stress and pressure

Photo credit: CJN


The first step was a 1-hour comprehensive mental game assessment, evaluating the overall mental game strengths and needs of the athlete. Key components such as overall confidence, focus, motivation levels, emotional control and regulation, thought patterns and behavioral patterns were assessed. Based off the assessment, the development of a customized mental game training program was developed in order to help prep this athletes for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.



​Customized sport psychology mental game training sessions to develop performance readiness with a focus on the development of a championship mindset, including preparation, mindfulness, resilience, adaptability, confidence and emotional control.

​Training will be ongoing with support provided through both competition and training leading up to the Olympics, as well as throughout the Olympic games

To help the athlete gain the 1 second advantage – the ability to see more, think quicker and react one second faster – giving him a performance edge over his competitors.

This part of his training began with a baseline test to assess his overall visual and cognitive processing skills, followed by training in our Mind Gym, working to strengthen the following:

  • peripheral awareness
  • anticipation timing
  • reaction timing
  • decision making under stress and pressure
  • focus and concentration
  • target accuracy
  • ability to multi-task
  • memory recall
  • reduce injury occurrence
  • improve eye hand co-ordination


Stay tuned for the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo!


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