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10-Week Intensive Course For Athletes To Master Their Mental Game with Brenley Shapiro


Do you want to build unbreakable confidence, motivation and mental toughness to gain an edge over the competition? Are you ready to finally break through the barriers that hold you back and take your game to the next level? Inside this step-by-step online program, you will get 10 insight-packed modules to give you the mental grit, confidence and drive to perform at your peak level of potential.

Each weekly module of Brenley Shapiro’s signature process has been developed from years of experience and success working with Amatuer, Professional, NCAA and Olympic athletes and teams. The modules are loaded with the knowledge and skills required to succeed and become your best. They feature in-depth videos, along with downloadable worksheets, success stories, and so much more, to ignite your confidence and help you achieve MASSIVE gains in the shortest time possible!

You will also have the rare opportunity to work with Brenley during weekly group coaching calls. In these calls Brenley will review weekly course content and answer any questions you have along the way.

Note: Fees may be fully covered by extended health benefits

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Brenley’s expertise and Sports Psychology program helps athletes push their game to the next level and maximize their development potential. Her dynamic style and commitment to the players and teams she works with is second to none. I highly recommend Brenley Shapiro and the Heads Up team and programming. She's the best in the business.
Lindsay Hoffard
Arizona Coyotes, NHL - Assistant General Manager; Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL - Former Director of Scouting
Brenley and her team were an outstanding addition to the OHL Combine. The insight they were able to provide to the athletes, general managers, and scouts will assist in the future development of players within Ontario. Both the Mental Game Coaching and Sports vision training programs are cutting edge and the OHL was very excited to implement it into our program.
Joe Birch
OHL Senior Director of Player Development
The mental performance program I did with Brenley was so important because it is such a big part of success in the game. So much of how you think and react to things like mistakes, coaches yelling, and guys getting in your head, come from your mental toughness. Brenley has taught me to have the right mindset and learn how to react and respond in a more powerful way. She also helped our team with setting goals, monitoring our progress, and team cohesion. It brought us all closer together and helped us to be a strong group. Brenley is very easy to talk to and was always there when you needed her. She has helped me to stay focused on my main goal of getting to the NHL with a strong mind and clear focus.
Tyler Weiss
I want to thank you so much for your part in my tennis journey. On signing day, I signed to New Mexico State University on a full tennis scholarship. As sweet as this accomplishment is, I would not have been able to get here without you. You helped me to overcome all of the obstacles and adversity I was facing. To be quite honest, I probably wouldn’t have continued playing tennis anymore if it wasn’t for you. Knowing that I had you in my corner when I was competing during that time made an incredible difference in the outcome of my junior career. Thank you for all that you have done for me along the way.
Alexia Di Giulio
I worked with Brenley on a lot of things like confidence during my injury the year of my NHL Draft. It really helped keep me focused and on track during this time, and I came back and played some of the best hockey I have ever played.
Declan Chisholm
Peterborough Petes, OHL | Winnipeg Jets, NHL Draft Pick
Working with Brenley on my mental game has helped me become a much stronger person both on and off the field. It has been such a huge factor in helping me accomplish my goal of going on to play college soccer at the division 1 level.
Sierra Cote
Working with Brenley helped me to improve my overall confidence so much. I am now able to let go of worrying about things that are going on in my day and in my game. For example, a bad turnover, worrying about the GM in the stands, ice time, or high pressure games and situations. Brenley has helped me learn that I create pressure in my own mind, which ultimately hurts me more than it helps me. She has taught me how to manage pressure and adversity and play with confidence, regardless of the circumstances. I am so much better at controlling my emotions now and getting off the emotional rollercoaster. This has been a real game changer for me!!
Nikita Korostelev
I have been playing hockey for most of my life, but after spending just a few hours with Brenley Shapiro, it completely changed my game. Before, I was an under confident player, trying to impress the scouts and making so many mistakes, resulting in nothing but frustration. After working with Brenley, I was able to change my game and become a different player. It helped so much that I continued working with Brenley. She has given me so many ways to overcome future problems, and is constantly finding ways to deal with new problems on a weekly basis. She has completely changed the way I play hockey and it has gotten me so much further in my career than I would have ever expected without this help. I now have many new thoughts and new ways to look at life and hockey.
Ethan Spaxman
Before working with Brenley I was negative, anxious and I struggled with performing under pressure. With my mental game training, I have been able to take these struggles and look at them through a different lens and gain a whole new perspective. This has changed my game and state of mind in tennis, which has resulted in great success. It led me to winning U16 Provincials in Canada and placing top 12 in Canada for U18. My work with Brenley has helped me to stay focused in the present, control my nerves and build my confidence. It has been a game changer!
Erika Dimitriev
Brenley has helped me improve my overall personal performance and our team performance with some mental toughness training. Her tips and tricks help me stay focused during a game and not let anything get to me. It has really helped our team up our game and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get an edge over their competition in ANY sport! Thank you so much Brenley!
Veronique Gagne
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