Mental Mastery Bootcamp
for Athletes

Boutique Style Small Group Coaching



Our next session begins January 2023!

It’s time to take your game to the next level!


  • Building an elite mindset
  • Transforming your confidence
  • Mastering the art of the mental game
  • Gaining an edge over the competition 
  • Being fully supported in an engaging environment 
  • Crushing your goals and getting to the top of your game
  • Reconnecting to your love of the game
  • Having access to the same sport psychology mentorship, coaching and education as the pros!

Get ready to develop the mindset and mental toughness required to get to the top of your game right NOW!




This meticulously designed program is geared for small groups of 6-8 members. Each group member is hand picked and placed with intention, in order to build a strong and cohesive group. 

Over a 10 week period you will be guided by Brenley through customized weekly online coaching calls, along with weekly video content and workbooks. The program is designed to help you transform your confidence and break through the barriers inhibiting peak performance. You will not only build an elite mindset and unbreakable confidence, but you will quickly learn how the group takes on a life of its own under Brenley’s facilitation. Members support, learn and challenge each other to be their best, within this super engaging environment.

Note: Fees may be covered in whole or in part by extended health benefits depending on where you live and your insurance plan.


Are you ready to crush your goals in 2023?

OHL & NHL Mental Performance Coach

Developed By Brenley Shapiro

As a Toronto-based Sport Psychology & Performance Consultant, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, and Certified Sports Vision Trainer, Shapiro has become the first female Mental Performance Coach for the Arizona Coyotes in the NHL, as well as the OHL for the Peteborough Petes. More recently, she has worked as a Mental Performance Consultant for both the Mens and Women’s Chinese National hockey teams for the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Brenley has been in practice for over 20 years working with athletes, teams, individuals, and organizations from amateur to professional, and she is the founder of Heads Up High Performance. Brenley sits on the expert panel for Sport Psychology for the Coaches Association of Ontario, she is a Published Author, an Ambassador with Lululemon, and a powerful Keynote Speaker.

With an exceptional ability to teach, motivate, inspire, and connect with all those she works with, Brenley has dedicated her life’s work to helping people push the boundaries of achievement and facilitate a pathway towards success. Her transformative program and style, along with her vast degree of knowledge and training spanning every aspect of the mental game is what separates her from the rest. Provoking excitement, engagement, and the transformation of the power of the mind, Brenley is able to foster a true culture of excellence within those she works with.


Session #1: January 24th

Session #2: January 31st

Session #3: February 7th

Session #4: February 14th

Session #5: February 21st

Session #6: February 28th

Session #7: March 7th 

BREAK: March 14th

Session #8: March 21st

Session #9: March 28th

Session #10: April 4th 

LOCATION: Will be held virtually via Zoom

(If you are not able to attend a session live, the recording and workbook will be sent following each session)


4:00 – 5:00pm EST


5:30 – 6:30pm EST

(Exact call time will depend on athlete age and level. We will confirm the call time after receiving your application)

Investment = $3000

Note: If you reside in Canada you may be eligible for reimbursement through extended health benefits.

Join Before December 19th & Save!


15% OFF $3000 = $2550 (Savings of $450)

Q&A Call for Parents (Valued at $499)

This live session will offer the opportunity for parents to speak directly with Brenley, ask any pressing questions and gain a deeper understanding of the parent, coach, athlete relationship. 

PDF Copy of Brenley’s Book – Fearless

Note: If you reside in Canada you may be eligible for reimbursement through extended health benefits.


The biggest thing I learned from the Mental Mastery Bootcamp is how to not beat myself up when I make mistakes. I used to struggle and be really hard on myself, but now I am getting out of that habit. I’ve learned how to look at things differently and more positively. I am excited for the season ahead as I am less worried about making mistakes and no longer doubting myself. It feels really good.
Blake (Age 14)
I started the Mental Mastery Bootcamp with Brenley because I was having a hard time dealing with the challenges of being a new goalie. It was hard for me to deal with loosing games, having coaches say mean things and listening to the players make comments about winning. Brenley helped me feel better about myself and taught me different techniques to cope with all kinds of situations on and off the ice. I can't wait to keep talking to her, she is like a good friend who is really smart!
Bryce (Age 10)
I think having a strong mental game is so important to any athlete. When you have a positive mindset toward your sport, you’ll have more fun doing it and will excel at your craft. Being a hockey player you go through certain ups and downs with school, family, friends etc, and having someone like Brenley to talk it out with is really important. Having that mental game will always reassure you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and to keep pushing to achieve your goals.
Adam Fantilli
2021 assistant captain team canada u18, 1ST ROUND OHL DRAFT PICK,
Working with Brenley on my mental game has helped me become a much stronger person both on and off the field. It has been such a huge factor in helping me accomplish my goal of going on to play college soccer at the division 1 level.
Sierra Cote
Before working with Brenley I was negative, anxious and I struggled with performing under pressure. With my mental game training, I have been able to take these struggles and look at them through a different lens and gain a whole new perspective. This has changed my game and state of mind in tennis, which has resulted in great success. It led me to winning U16 Provincials in Canada and placing top 12 in Canada for U18. My work with Brenley has helped me to stay focused in the present, control my nerves and build my confidence. It has been a game changer!
Erica Dimitriev
NCAA division 1 tennis champion, northern illinois university
I have been playing hockey for most of my life, but after spending just a few hours with Brenley Shapiro, it completely changed my game. Before, I was an under confident player, trying to impress the scouts and making so many mistakes, resulting in nothing but frustration. After working with Brenley, I was able to change my game and become a different player. It helped so much that I continued working with Brenley. She has given me so many ways to overcome future problems, and is constantly finding ways to deal with new problems on a weekly basis. She has completely changed the way I play hockey and it has gotten me so much further in my career than I would have ever expected without this help. I now have many new thoughts and new ways to look at life and hockey.
Ethan Spaxman
NCAA division 1 hockey, merrimack college
I worked with Brenley on a lot of things like confidence during my injury the year of my NHL Draft. It really helped keep me focused and on track during this time, and I came back and played some of the best hockey I have ever played.
Declan Chisholm
I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Brenley. Working with her allowed me to fully understand how my thinking was holding me back in my performance. She guided me on how to let go of that thinking and be present in my experience. My sessions with Brenley completely changed my life because they not only helped me on the court, but could also be transferred into my everyday life by having a better understanding of myself, my emotions, and my patterns.
Julie Gordon
Brenley has helped me improve my overall personal performance and our team performance with some mental toughness training. Her tips and tricks help me stay focused during a game and not let anything get to me. It has really helped our team up our game and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get an edge over their competition in ANY sport! Thank you so much Brenley!
Veronique Gagne
Over the past few seasons, I have had the opportunity to work with Brenley within a team atmosphere and on an individual level, as a member of the Peterborough Petes. Whenever she came to the rink, chatting with her would provide my teammates and I a nice change of perspective towards approaching the game that we play. Her strategies and coaching helped us develop a process driven mindset through the ups and downs of an OHL season. Brenley’s mental game coaching, along with the enthusiasm and positive energy that she brings, has proven to be a useful tool that my teammates and I have been privileged to use.
Zach Gallant
signed with san jose sharks
san jose barracuda, ahl


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Have you ever seen your athletes and team underperform and know they are capable of so much more?

Have you seen your players experience doubt and allow fear to hold them back? How about beating themselves up after making mistakes or experiencing a setback or loss?

And what about you?

Do you ever wonder how to effectively build a high-performing culture and align your team in the relentless pursuit of common goals?

If you are a coach or a trainer, you have most likely experienced some, or all of the above. And to complicate things further, throw in the struggle of having no clear direction for your season and competition due to the circumstances and restrictions of COVID-19.

Well lucky for you… there is still a way to overcome all of this, AND MORE!

Though the current sport situation is not ideal… it IS presenting a perfect time to focus on developing your team’s mental game.

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